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Welcome on board!

Flying on passenger aeroplanes has become a comfortable and even pleasant experience, well, in reality, it has always been, but now it is within reach of more people, from a short one-hour flight to crossing the world via a connection and two flights of thirteen hours, flying as a passenger is always an adventure as well as piloting the aeroplane; the movements and vibrations, the sounds onboard, the time period of mandatory compliance offers you the possibility to relax or entertain yourself in the many ways available, everything involved in the atmosphere that motivates the trip as it can be the return home or work commute, long-awaited vacations, productive or failed businesses or a family tragedy; there's always something that gives the trip a sentimental taste that surrounds all this technology.


 As an airline pilot, I have flown many kinds of aircraft, small four-hours capable, medium-sized that can cross the Atlantic and big heavy long haul capable that can cross the Pacific, but I have also travelled around the globe as a passenger; with an average of forty hours per month on board for the past two years flying like a regular economy and business class traveller. During this time I have been able to gather useful information for passengers and analyze it from the point of view of a pilot to offer it to anyone who wants to run the extra mile for their comfort onboard, at the airport or at home during trip planning, all this from an open-minded perspective so we can answer questions like: What does the crew like or bother? What are the limits of what I can do as a passenger? Why are there forbidden things? Where does one passenger's privacy ends and the other's privacy begin? As well as opinions on the most comfortable seats and how to get them, some helpful tips on onboard service, seat design, use of traveller accessories, interaction with other passengers and crew as well as airport and on board´s tales.


This is a project that has come out as a result of years of questions from friends such as “Why do I have to turn off my phone or put it into flight mode?” But of course, understanding that what they really wanted to ask was “what if I don't put it in flight mode?” And with this sense, I will try to answer what they’ve actually wondered in the first place; the first blog coming out shortly at Gate 5.


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Sabrás que hacer cuando el pasajero posterior golpea tu asiento.

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